Saturday, December 12, 2020

NYT Still Flogging Masks And Lockdowns

The more the crackpots on the progressive left shriek at us to do this stuff, the less I do it

   Not content to merely lie and pontificate about their favored new pseudomedical fads merely in the first sentence, their political preferences are shoved into the title, too, also masquerading as knowledge:

"We Know How to Curb the Pandemic. How Do We Make People Listen?"

"We" actually meaning: progressives and their highly-politicized quasi-medical propaganda wing... "People" meaning: the deplorables.

At this point, we have all the scientific information we need in order to prevent the surgings of the coronavirus: Avoid gathering indoors with people from outside your household, keep physically apart from others, wear a mask, wash your hands often.

LOL such bullshit. "We" don't have "all" the scientific information we need in order to prevent "surgings" of the bat flu. Nobody who pays even the most casual attention to this stuff could believe this is true. Her recommendations are beloved by progressives, but they're basically the ones we started out with, and basically based on guesses and a certain amount of common sense. Avoid close contact with non-family in small spaces? Really?? This new learning amazes me! Keep your distance? Who denies that? Wear a mask: entirely unproven. Seems to me that, intuitively, it might help some...but, again, anyone paying any attention knows that this isn't knowledge. Wash your hands often? Roger that, blue fruitcake...but I thought the newest "science" fad was: that's not how you get respiratory viruses? 

   She left out: don't go to church, don't go to school, airdrop ballots across entire states instead of voting in person...and never, ever say "MAGA!".... Then there's my favorite: BLM rallies/mostly-peaceful-protests/riots actually decrease your odds of getting the 'ro!

   The NYT is an embarrassment at this point.

[Of course this is par for the course on the contemporary left: trot out whatever fads happen to be popular at the moment and call them "the science."]


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