Tuesday, December 15, 2020

McConnell: Electoral College Has Spoken; Biden Is President-Elect

LOL n.b. Fox: "Trump's baseless claims of  'voter fraud' "....note: 
That should be:
"Baseless claims of voter fraud"
"Claims of 'voter fraud' "....
But probably not "baseless claims of  'voter fraud' "...  Unless 'voter fraud' is in quotes only because it's a direct quote...
But, more to the point: the MSM is either delusional or lying (or, I suppose, both...) if it thinks the claims are baseless. Even if the bases turn out to be false or insufficient, it's batshit to say that they don't exist. But now that they are barely even pretending to be even a little bit objective, they pour this shit on like nobody's business. 
Again, I hope this all turns out to be much ado about nothing. McConnell seems to think it will, no? And that matters. 
But the doubts have a basis. 


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