Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Fauci Spins Estimates To Manipulate Public

 I understand what he's saying here. And I'm not saying it's terrible. I'm saying that there seems to have been entirely too much of this sort of thing. The public is entirely warranted in being skeptical about such expert opinion--for one thing, it's at least as much opinion as expertise. Pile on top of it the unreliability, irrationality and political bias of the media, and the relentless commands to "follow the 'science' "--which "science" is largely more like opinion, guesstimation, or pseudoscience...and, well, I'm actually heartened to see Americans telling the powers that be to get bent. All of this ends up being much more complicated than it might seem. Of course contrarianism can get you in trouble at least as easily as groupthinkery... But it's more morally virtuous, at least. We're way past the point at which rational, autonomous people are warranted in being done being jerked around. None of that is to say that the public health folks don't have a difficult job, and that they aren't doing yeoman's work for the most part. But that goes without saying. What does need saying is that rational people can conclude that there's no need to hang on the experts' every whim.


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