Sunday, December 13, 2020


 My God. This is so embarrassing I ain't even hardly mad. (Warning! MS news--not an actual news source.) Six months of covering up the vicious violence at the mostly peaceful social justice riots for peace and justice...suddenly the MSM doesn't like political protests...nor violence. (In this case, well, they just can't tell which side it came from...though I, personally, have a guess...) Oh and: there's no reason to be skeptical of the election's a fait accompli, bigot. Follow the democracy! We have innumerable reasons to doubt their account, of course. In fact, you have to be kinda stupid to believe them about this sort of thing. Lucy, football, blah blah blah.

I'm burned out on politics and trying to manage my finals. I have no doubt that Trump is being a buffoon about it...but I'm basically averting my eyes. I just can't stand to see it. (So: I'm being irresponsible about this.)  As I've claimed before: this is the worst possible outcome: we're going to get "progressive" policies and the worst of Trump's petulant, loony rhetoric. In the end, I expect it'll all come to this: the Dems pulled a fast one with their batflu / mass-mail-in-voting scheme--plus some more overt cheating here and there. Plus, of course, the torrent of MSM lies, the Hunter Biden cover-up, etc.) But the time to stop the mail-in voting caper was before the election, not after it. And the other stuff likely isn't serious nor widespread enough to matter enough. (Except for the MSM stuff...which won the election for them...but isn't illegal.) It's probably going to fall into the category: Banana-republicy...but not quite illegal enough to invalidate. Unfortunately, Trump's likely to be right that this is fishy as hell...but not right enough to win it. And he's capable of pig-headedness even when wrong. God knows what he might be capable of when mostly right... Thing about Trump is: a lot of the time he's right, and sees through the leftist bullshit; and a lot of the time he also seems to be wrong. We can't tell which it is...he probably can't even. And he's not exactly a man of humility and epistemic caution...

The blue team runs everything now, including especially the media. So they're basically pretending that there's nothing to see here. The (small-'d') democratic thing to do, of course, would be to investigate the hell out of this. But the (big-'d') Democrats are pretending that you've got to be crazy to even question. Which, again, is the leftist strategy: don't try to win the debate--try to stop the debate. Pretend there's no real question...pretend the debate is over and you won...pretend that there's no time to debate...just don't admit there's a genuine question and you have to produce evidence and arguments.

They might be right--their apparent win might be actual. I expect it is. But it isn't, really, unless its proven to be. IMO the GOP rammed through their FL "win" in 2000. Though they ended up actually winning, we didn't know that at the time because they refused to actually recount the votes. Though, admittedly, it was complicated. The Dems are doing basically the same thing now--refusing to admit that we can't, given what we currently know and don't know--say with sufficient confidence that Biden won. Maybe the information is out there and I'm just not seeing it. Again, I'm not digging hard into this stuff as I often do. I do know that the MSM can't be trusted even a little bit with respect to such issues, though. So their insistence that--mirabile dictu!--there's nothing to see here only makes me more skeptical.

This is all likely to bring out the worst of the right--which can be very bad indeed. Then the MSM will exaggerate it, of course. God knows where all this will end up. Not a good place, I reckon.


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