Saturday, December 05, 2020

Ellen Paige Claims To Be A Dude; Orwellian Progressive Stupidity-Industrial Complex Complies With Lighting Speed And Furious Anger

Brendan O'Neill is all over it.
   Paige is not a man, as goes without saying. Or did...before the progressive left lost its bloody mind.  But her name can be 'Elliot' if she wants it to be. It's absurd to pretend that her name isn't also 'Ellen'...and absurd to think that merely making up an ominous-sounding word--"deadnaming," in this case--is an argument against using that name. If it bothers Ms. Paige, that's a reason to avoid it in her presence. It's not much of an argument for not using it elsewhere--especially among peasants such as ourselves, who can say anything we want without our betters ever knowing about it. 
   This is political correctness in one of its highest--i.e. lowest--forms. The frantic, utterly insane subordination of facts to politics. I've read people discuss how communists in the West "turned on a dime" when Hitler initiated Operation Barbarossa and invaded Soviet-occupied Poland. They all spoke glowingly of Hitler right up until the night before Barbarossa, then spoke viciously of him by the next day, when word came down to them that he was now an enemy of communism. Progressives have turned similarly now with respect to the words they use to refer to and describe Ms. Paige. Wokepedia was, apparently, revised with astonishing haste, in case that surprises you at all.
   And this is what you voted for if you voted for Biden. This is your blue future, in which hatefacts are subordinated to social-justice lovetruths...which are all false...but true in a deeper way...if you know what I mean. And if you do, then you should explain it to me. Because I don't.
   Now, I don't mind you pretending that the left's web of distortions and lies is true if that's what you choose to do...even though that's stupid and inhuman... What I mind is you trying to impose this insanity on me--and others like me who want nothing to do with your cultish quasi-religion. But, hey, I guess it's all worth it to be rid of all those mean tweets, eh?
   Anyhoo... I've long thought Paige was pretty hot...which would be kinda gay...which I couldn't care less about actually...if she were actually a dude. But, of course, it would be kinda incestuous if she were my sister. Neither wildly counterfactual antecedent being true, though, neither counterfactual consequent is worth fretting about.
   None of Paige's sexual and sartorial explorations are really any of your business--nor mine. She can sleep with whomever she likes, of course, within reason. She can also change her name to 'Elliot,' dress in traditionally mannish ways...whatevs. I have no investment (as it were har har) in policing clothing conventions and decisions. The only reason any of this is of interest to people like us is that progressives insist on pretending that such private idiosyncrasies must be written into law and imposed on everyone. 
   Biden, of course, has said that his first priority in office (he has a lot of them, actually) will be to pass the radically PC "Equality Act"--part of which is ok, but part of which is crazy. Then I reckon he'll move down the list of leftist fantasies, through climate hysteria and BLM/race hysteria. I expect the moronic, useless, bullshit GOP will lose the Senate--they currently trail in both races, of course--thus propelling us hard and fast into that blue future for which so many Americans apparently pine.


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