Saturday, December 19, 2020

Disgrace After Defeat

That's about the size of it--and what I expected. Not: losing. But: freaking out if he did. 
This was just about all-or-nothing for the red team:
Trump wins: four more years of surprisingly good policies + no Trumpian freak-out.
Trump loses: Blue-team policies + Trumpian freak-out...which also serves to further convince the smugly delusional blues that they were, somehow, right all along.
   Of course the blues have exacerbated this by refusing to acknowledge the many genuine and serious questions about the vote. A reasonable person can have significant doubts. And a reasonable person after four years of rabid, lunatic accusations and abuses? Shit, man...I'd have lost it by now in Trump's position. And Trump...well...not the most reasonable person in these ways. 
   Anyway, Trump was always a gamble. I voted against him in '16, but saw the light by '20...and knew that he'd be good in victory, bad in defeat. 
   What we have to do is deal seriously with questions about the election and make it clear that it was fair--if, indeed, it was.


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