Monday, December 14, 2020

Can Our Liberal Constitutional Republic Survive The Assault From The Contemporary Far Left?

I don't know. You don't know. Nobody knows, so far as I can tell. They are pushing many crazy/radical ideas, any one of which could destroy the country. Open borders (or quasi-open-borders) alone could destroy it. The gutting of the First Amendment could destroy it. Similarly of the Second. Radical, rapid, coerced cultural transformation could destroy it. The loss of cultural and social cohesion could destroy it. The subordination of truth to leftist dogma could absolutely destroy it. Fanning the flames of (anti-white) racism (or, for that matter, any racism) could destroy it. The destruction of  every vestige of traditional sex roles--and/or the destruction/re-engineering of the nuclear family could destroy it. As could the leftist brand of environmentalism that basically sees humans as a blight. Some sane versions of those ideas I think are worth discussing--e.g. the weakening of traditional sex roles, and rethinking the nation as the primary political unit. But that's not what we're being asked--or commanded--to do.
   We're basically dealing with a set of radical, insane, untested ideas, about ten of which could destroy the country...and take Western Civilization with it. And, of course, in typical leftist/progressive fashion, we're told that they can't be discussed, they must simply be implemented immediately. 
   As I keep saying: I'm a philosopher. I'm willing to discuss almost anything. But we're facing a powerful political cult that is pushing crazy ideas and insisting that they must be implemented immediately and without discussion. 
   This is, honestly, the craziest goddamned thing I've ever seen in American politics in my entire life. And I've seen some pretty crazy shit--from both sides of the aisle.


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