Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Biden's $2 Trillion Green New Deal Is A Camouflaged Democratic Jobs Program

 That can be said of all versions of the GND. People need to understand that "Green New Deal" doesn't mean: a new deal for the environment. It means: a(nother) new deal--and this time it's pretty green. It's a plan to shift the economy in a socialist direction masquerading as an environmental program. The idea is characteristically leftist: create (or exaggerate) a crisis then pretend that something you wanted to do anyway will fix it. It's like fanning the flames of COVID-19 hysteria, then acting like weakening voting requirements is a solution--or pretending that giving money to teacher's unions will do so. If they actually believed that we were all going to die if we didn't fix the environment in a decade, they'd damn sure be building nuclear instead of funding "community gardens." Nobody who's even vaguely objective can look at the GND and think it's a serious emergency climate plan.

Oops. Forgot the video (via Insty):


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