Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Trump's Refusal To Concede: The GOP View

 On the first point, I agree: I'd bet that there were Democratic shenanigans. There's prima facie reason to believe that, and there were much, much worse Democratic shenanigans at this point four years ago: the blue team was cooking up Russiagate. Were the shenanigans this time big enough to change the vote totals enough to change the outcome? I'd guess not. But my guesses are shit. What's needed are audits and investigations. On the second point--is it harmful to refrain from giving the Biden team briefings?--I don't know. Again, the blue team withheld absolutely critical information last time--that they believed that Russians had infiltrated the Trump organization. (They withheld it because they also believed--or wanted to believe--that Trump himself was an "asset.") Anyway, I don't have a view about the second point. Overall, I've adopted a view that you largely have to judge individual clusters of political actions against the status quo. Against the way things were run last time, anyway, nothing Trump's doing looks that bad. Well...except for some of the things he's saying. He always talks worse than he acts. I'd rather have a president with intemperate words but defensible actions than the other way around. And I'd say that's what we have with Trump. And we have evidence that we had the opposite with Obama-Biden. Though the evidence is non-conclusive.


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