Thursday, November 19, 2020

To Repeat Myself Repeating Myself: Pubs Got Mad About The Wrong Things At The Wrong Time...Probably

 It is, of course, possible that there was a shit-ton of election fraud. Again: there's nothing to do but investigate. And investigate we must. But I say the Pubs got mad too late, and about the wrong thing. They should have gotten mad(der) about the Russiagate conspiracy/hoax--possibly the biggest political scandal...and certainly the biggest American history. But they didn't. In their defense, they were waiting for Durham--they had faith in the process. But Durham apparently isn't going to happen now. Ever. The media poured all its propaganda powers into creating and propagating lies about Trump. And it did likewise to protect Biden and stifle stories of Hunter's depravity and dishonesty. Oh and: influence peddling. I think Pubs thought that it couldn't be done--that the bullshit was so obvious and so outrageous that the media couldn't pull Biden across the finish line. The Pubs thought that the polls were just more journalism--just as dishonest, and intended to manipulate rather than predict. Maybe Pubs had faith in the fundamental level-headedness of their fellow--if blue--Americans. Though God knows why... You would have thought that the massive "systemic racism" hoax and the riots and mob violence would have been the last straw(s)...would have been the last straws long ago...but they weren't. Perhaps Pubs should have gotten mad and physically fought back during the summer...but they didn't. They trusted the system, and they trusted their countrymen, and they trusted that sanity would win out. And all that trust was misplaced. And now they face the horrifying prospect of an increasingly unhinged blue team controlling the Presidency and the House...and maybe the Senate, too. And so now all that righteous anger--along with incredulity and horror--has got to go somewhere. And it's transmogrifying into a red-team version of Russiagate--a conspiracy theory about a vast, tentacular, international effort to steal the election... Which theory, er, could actually be true...but probably isn't. Oh, red team. You were so right, and so close. And the blue team propaganda operation will continue to act as if Russiagate was for real...but Russiagategate wasn't...and they'll be sure that your wild conspiracy theories are never forgotten... That may actually be worse for the country than the election conspiracy thing...


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