Friday, November 20, 2020

Things That Didn't Happen: Bat Flu Patients Denying The Reality Of Bat Flu As They Die From Bat Flu

Yeah, see, that didn't happen.
   If you think that did happen, then you are not good at telling things that might happen from things that didn't and aren't going to happen. 
   I quit reading at this isn't proof that this didn't happen.  Because you don't need proof to know that this didn't happen. This is progressive smugporn. Seriously. If you thought for even a second that this story might have been true, you need your bullshit detector recalibrated. 
   Besides--not that we need to discuss this seriously--does anybody think the bat flu isn't real? I mean, many of us think it's been blown way out of proportion. And some of us think that part of the motive for doing that was to hurt Trump. Some of us even think this is being exploited to effect "the Great Reset"... But I'd be pretty surprised if more than a scattered handful of people thinks it's completely made up.


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