Sunday, November 08, 2020

The Pandemic Is Not Needed Right Now, So It Has Been Suspended...Until The Left Needs Another Pretense For Telling You What To Do

And the thing is, they're still getting away with it. As I may have mentioned, progressives have the political advantage of being largely immune even to evidence that is right before their eyes 
   Watching these crowds cavorting around is revolting. A bunch of children who think that you can just turn on the magic money spigot in order to solve the imaginary problems dreamt up by the pseudo-scholarly wing of the party. 
    Imagine when they make it legal for 6-year-olds to vote. There'll be crowds of children in the streets dancing to "Baby Shark" and shrieking about how they have defeated those grumpy old grownups who refuse to believe in Santa Clause. Then comes the trillion-dollar plan for government toy-subsidies to achieve present-equity to correct for Clause's outdated practice of giving differential numbers of presents on account of socially-constructed ideas of "naughtiness" and "niceness"...


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