Thursday, November 19, 2020

"The Baseless 'Great Reset' Conspiracy Theory Rises Again"

That's the kind of headline we get from the contemporary NYT: (a) based on a falsehood pushed by the left; (b) often about some new nefarious nonsense they're plotting, (c) double-dismissed as "baseless" and a "conspiracy theory." 
   Belief in "The Great Reset" is in no way baseless. To claim that it is is just a flat-out lie. But, then, the NYT was part of the Russiagate conspiracy, and part of the conspiracy to fabricate the current race crisis hysteria...and climate it's no surprise that they'd be in on "The Great Reset" as well.
   Of course there are elements on the right that are helping them out by generating genuinely outlandish stuff--e.g. that the batflu was created as a means to promoting the "reset." But most people pointing to this thing aren't "far-right." And they're not manufacturing anything--they're just informing people about the stuff the real, actual, progressive promoters of the real, actual project say themselves.
  You really should read the first link above just because the story is hilariously packed with ad hominems, invective, and dismissals--everything is an "unfounded rumor" by "far-right" folks like--gasp!-- Paul Joseph Watson and Stephen Crowder! BASELESS FALSE UNFOUNDED CONSPIRACY THEORIES BY THE FAR-FAR RIGHT!!!!!!111111
   But--contra the--far-left--New York Times--there actually is a "great reset" project, it's fairly typical of contemporary leftist nuttery, and it's absolutely worth being concerned about. And the fact that the NYT is so feverishly trying to dismiss it by attacking straw-man versions of it should tip you off that something sinister is afoot.
   There is an idea in all this that isn't completely's only a little bit nuts... It's that, after the lockdowns, we should consider whether we really need to go back to our usual ways. Instead, we could maybe stick with lockdown-ish ways of living that would keep carbon emissions down. Now...I've stated it more sanely than they do...and absolutely no one should believe that, were this idea to actually be implemented, it would be implemented modestly and sanely. And, since global warming hysteria is largely--though not entirely--well, hysteria...there's far less reason to stay in lockdown--or near it--than the left thinks. And, of course: one of the things they seek is compliance. So we generally have at least some reason to tell them to get f*cked...even when their ideas aren't overtly nuts.
   Also, there's a well-known general tendency of the left to use crises and crisis-hoaxes to get what they want. Never let a good crisis go to waste, to quasi-quote Rahm Emmanuel. Many on the left openly speak of using the pandemic to achieve long-standing political ends. Which would, incidentally, explain their tendency to radically, hysterically exaggerate its severity. It also fits their general pattern of fabricating and exaggerating crises in order to promote their policies as "solutions"--the campus rape crisis, global warming, the "racist cops" crisis, the "systemic racism" crisis, and on and on.


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