Sunday, November 08, 2020

Progressive Totalitarians Planning Revenge On Trump-Supporters Et Al.

There's a whole lotta talk on the left about revenge against Trump, members of his administration, donors and even mere supporters. 
   If you're on should be surprised. The progressive left is totalitarian. Softish at first, then less so. They deploy mob violence, including arson and sometimes murder. They'll deploy whatever force and other illicit methods of enforcement they think they can get away with. Being totalitarians, they aim to control ever aspect of our lives. Support the wrong candidate? You won't be allowed to keep your job, go out to a restaurant...or even stay home, because they'll dox you can harass you there. No matter what you do--short, currently, of murder--they won't be prosecuted. If you do anything to defend yourself, you will be prosecuted. Soon enough you'll be disarmed, and there won't be any police to help you anyway. That's the plan, anyway. 
   Here's just one part of the plan: revenge...oh, sorry..."accountability"...for anti-lockdown academicians. This is of a piece with their dishonest, semi-soft-totalitarian line on free speech...oh, sure, you still technically have free speech...for now...but that doesn't mean you're free from the "consequences" of your speech. Which means: if we don't like it, we'll physically attack you, get you fired, etc. See? Still free speech! Just, y'know...some consequences...
   So that's the side more than half of Americans voted for.


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