Sunday, November 15, 2020

Piece of Utter Shit From The AAUP: "In Defense Of Knowledge And Higher Education"

 The AAUP was converged long ago. It still does some good--our local chapter does great work. But the national organization seems to see advancing progressive bullshit as its primary objective. This document is a complete piece of shit. It's salvo in the battle over expertise and pseudo-expertise pretending to be a defense of knowledge. It starts off by distorting something Betsey DeVos says, and doesn't get any better from there. There's something to be outraged about in almost every paragraph. And I'm not complaining about matters of opinion; I'm complaining about objective lies and distortions. My favorite part is where they pretend that there's no freedom of speech problem in higher education... In general, the document pretends that all the relevant problems in higher ed come from the right--and the root of the problem is that conservatives simply reject the idea of expertise...mostly in order to achieve their nefarious political ends..but also because they're stupid and hate knowledge...

I probably won't be able to resist the urge to go through that piece of shit in detail at some point...


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