Sunday, November 08, 2020

One Of The Most Central Ideas On The Progressive Left: You Can Get Whatever You Want By Accusing Your Opponents Of Racism

That's one of their main tactics against Trump, obviously. And unless we're saved by the recounts, the country will have handed the Presidency to someone who knowingly and repeatedly lied, perpetrating character assassination against his opponent by repeating what he knew to be a scurrilous lie. Though the left has turned racism into the sin of all sins, on even a much more rational view of the matter, it's a really bad thing. And the worse the thing, the worse a false accusation of the thing.
   But the left's worldview is immune to disconfirmation. In fact, it's a feature not a bug--it's a principle of the Orwellian left that their dogma trumps facts. So Trump started out as a racist...because all opponents of the left are racists, and the more unrepentant the worse...and leftist beliefs, being immune to facts, cannot be dislodged merely on account of being false.
   Biden voters voted not only for Biden, but, in a sense, also for the idea that (even patently false) accusations of racism should always be treated as trump cards in any debate, no matter what it's about. Of course one can vote for x and not want y, even though y is a concomitant of x...but in this case (a) the false accusation tactic is so massive, consequential, and widespread that it's harder to pretend that it's isolated; and (b) I'm pissed off enough to assert (a) even if it's pretty sketchy to say the least.
   And remember: I'm someone who thinks Trump is unfit for office on account of his awful, unreasonable, antipresidential public persona. According to me, he shouldn't even be in the discussion. Yet he's vastly preferable to the lunatic blues and their cultish new hard-left overlords. 


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