Sunday, November 22, 2020

National Dem Party Official Suggests Re-Education Camps For Trump Supporters?

I mean, dude is loony, and said--or, rather, "tweeted"--some injudicious and stupid shit... But he didn't actually suggest re-education camps. Much less "call for" them. He's also probably not being entirely serious. He's just venting some political frustration. He has, after all, been denied an unbridled celebration at Biden's likely victory. There's absolutely reason to take blue-team insanity seriously...but taking one dude's stupid tweet seriously probably isn't the best idea.
   Sadly, he doesn't even represent the craziest of the crazy on the left side of the aisle these days. He's not the 50 yard line either...I'd say he's just at the edge of the red zone...which is...concerning... And, of course, it's always kinda funny to see the party that's come unglued from reality accuse the other guys of that. The Pubs, for all their flaws, currently and generally seem to have a pretty good grasp of reality--Illuminati electoral shenanigans notwithstanding. (Which is not to say that I've abandoned my view that extensive investigation is necessary...) 
   Of course this discussion does occur against the background of actual, extensive leftist indoctrination initiatives in business, K-12 and college... So that makes it a matter of greater concern than it might have been in a different context. Still dumb to make too much of one dumb comment. Imagine if people went through this blog with a fine-tooth comb and picked out ever injudicious nit...


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