Thursday, November 26, 2020

More Evidence Of Widespread Mental Illness Among American Liberals (Esp. White, Female, Young)

This is consistent with my informal observations.
Of course one might respond: they're not actually more mentally ill, they just inhabit a social milieu in which mental illness is fashionable, so they are pulled toward it--or at least to professions of it. OTOH, one could argue that conservatives are hesitant to admit to mental illness--the dreaded STIGMA! 
(What happened to "stigma," anyway? It was briefly--about a year ago--hugely fashionable on the left, and then kinda disappeared. My guess: the terminological competition on the left is fierce. The so love their jargon--esp. that with just the right, nauseating lefty ring to it--that jargon-mongers have to really be on their game if their wares are to succeed. 'Stigma' just couldn't secure an environmental niche...)
Or one could argue that liberals go to psychologists more, and so are diagnosed more. So it's a COVID-like testing effect. ZOMG CASES ARE SKYROCKETING!!!!111
Also: so much of leftism is built on the denial of's just not all that surprising that it leads to / attracts wackos.

[Don't miss the pic of Pantyfa at the top of the article. Note that their point-man seems to be Gallagher.]


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