Sunday, November 08, 2020

How Long Before We Know Who's Going To Be President?

Obviously the progressive MSM has arrogated to themselves the power to declare a winner...but just as obviously they do not have any actual authority to do so. If they ever had, they'd lack that authority in this case, since they are extremely partisan Democratic organizations, without a(n) [insert name of small unit of measure, preferably a quantity of volume, here] of objectivity in this matter 
   I hate to break it to the blue team, but you'll just have to wait until people who know what they're doing have had a look-see at those more-than-a-little-bit suspicious numbers. If everything checks out and nothing changes, well, unfortunately, it looks like slow Joe and his feckless sidekick what's-her-name will be bumbling around in the White House come January 21st. But things could change.
   Given such a bad decision...anybody else give a thought to faithless electors? 
   Faithless electors are my nightmare scenario. As bad a Harris-Biden presidency would likely be, I wouldn't overturn it via faithless electors. No way, no how. My God this country would absolutely flip its shit...and rightly so, IMO. That's a glitch in the system, IMO. We really ought to figure out how to fix it.


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