Sunday, November 08, 2020

George Stephanopolous Suddenly Discovers The Value Of Evidence

He was enthusiastically on-board with Russiagate despite its preposterousness and lack of actual evidence...other than the made-up variety... He was also enthusiastically on-board with Gore's 37-day delay to recount. But now, you's all different. There's no evidence of fraud...except that there is...and when that's pointed out, the whining turns rather to "no evidence of widespread fraud"...except that, of course, isn't true either. There's evidence of dead people voting, evidence of thousands of Republican votes being changed to Democrat votes, evidence that Biden's vote tallies fail to accord with Benford's law... Oh, there's plenty of evidence... Not even to mention Russiagate and Russiagategate, which show us that the blue team--including its propaganda wing the MSM--is willing to engage in actual conspiracies to undermine a Republican administration. We know they already did it--and got away with it. We know they're even crazier now than they were then. We know they cheat at elections in general. And we know there's evidence they cheated in this one. Anybody who'd put this past them isn't being honest or isn't firing on all cylinders.
   How many conspiracies do we have to catch them perpetrating before the MSM will admit it? Likely there's no number so large as to trigger that response.
   Oh, and don't forget Schumer's "Nothing is off the table." I suppose the argument there will be: we shouldn't take that seriously because he'd never say it if it were true. Yeah...I'm not falling for that. More reasonable is: when people seem to have admitted that they're going to cheat, you probably ought to take them seriously.
   If Biden won, then Biden won. Shitty as that outcome will be for the nation. But the lyin', cheatin', conspirin' Democrats and their pet propagandists merely saying he won doesn't mean that he won.
   Tough it out, ladies. We're all goin' ta court.


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