Friday, November 13, 2020

Escort BTS Bullpup

The "deal-breaker" (I really dislike that term) for me is the max 5-rd mag. WTFIUWT? Ridiculous.
I've been looking for:
(a) A riot-type / tactical autoshotty for use against mobs
(b) something easier for JQ to handle.
Doubt I can find 2-in-1...but if this had a 10-rd mag in .410, I'd be pretty damn interested...
Instead, probably going to go with something in 12 from Kalashnikov USA. Years ago my little bro had the foresight to get me a Winchester 1300 in 20 gauge, w/ an 18.5" barrel. JQ can easily handle that. Maybe some later we'll get a CZ Scorpion in 9 or 10.


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