Sunday, November 15, 2020

Durham Shutting Down Russiagategate Investigation? Afraid Of Biden Blowback?

Hard to believe.
It seems like there's enough even merely publicly-available evidence to warrant indictments...but I am, of course, NAL.
I suppose, if this is right, we may never really know exactly what happened. Nobody's going to come right out and admit that they're shutting down the investigation because they are afraid and/or want to cover for their colleagues.
So if the investigation produces no indictments and no report, that leaves the rest of this as hypothesis. 
It all seemed to be so clearly headed for big revelations of the kind conservatives expected...but it was puzzling that everything was taking so long...
Look, we have a transcript showing that Obama and Biden knew about the Russiagate conspiracy...and that Biden suggested using the Logan act against Flynn...WTF??? (Of course somebody else probably suggested the Logan act previously...I doubt Biden would think of such a thing on his own...)
This just seems crazy.


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