Friday, November 13, 2020

Biden Will Wreck Education "On Day One"

You really, really fucked up, America.
   Unless, of course, you want shittier education, more influence by teachers' unions and Ed schools, and more Woketarian brainwashing of kids. Oh and: more dudes in girls' restrooms, girls' locker rooms, girls' sports, girls' scholarships...
   Well, I guess its worth wrecking the next generation so long as we don't have those mean tweets floating around.
   I dread to think what universities are going to look like after four years of the Dems throwing their weight behind Woketarianism. DeVos is so great...just an absolutely fantastic Secretary of Ed...four more years of her and universities might have been back on track. As it is, the voters handed the control of schools back to people who aim to turn them mainly into leftist re-education camps. 
   This is a serious blow to the nation. I don't think I've ever seen such an obviously terrible decision by voters. I can't help but believe that if people anywhere near the center knew what was going on at universities, and what will happen under a Biden administration, they'd never have even considered voting for him.
   I blame Trump, too, for acting like such a lunatic sometimes. But that's no excuse for handing the education of young Americans over to the cult.


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