Saturday, November 14, 2020

Biden And Big Government

My current inclination--which might change in a cooler hour--is to say that the GOP's strategy with respect to Biden is clear: wreck him. I don't see how the Dems can be allowed to get away what they've done over the past four years. The only option is to retaliate: absolutely, positively obstruct everything Biden tries to do, and seek to absolutely wreck him. An eye for an eye and a Presidency for Presidency. Put everything into gaining the House in '22, then impeach the living shit out of the lying SOB. If it succeeds and Harris replaces him, wreck her, too. Try to find a non-Trump Trumpian for '24. Trump if necessary, Trump Jr. if possible. Ideally, wreck Biden before he can do anything too insane...e.g. amnesty for the 11-29 million illegal aliens in the country. But he's already got a long list of insane agenda items for "day one"
   What we want--and need--to do is get beyond the current insanity and regain some measure of equanimity and bipartisanship. But I don't see that happening until the Dems shrug off progressive insanity. And, again: they have to be taught that they can't get away with what they've just about gotten away with. So currently I think: revenge...oops...I mean justice...first...then the olive branch and bipartisanship. If the blue team is willing. 
   Though who knows...winning this year isn't out of the question yet... Now that, my friends, would be sweet. There would, of course, be riots aplenty. Because that's who the blue team is now. But that's not a reason not to keep trying. 


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