Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Biden Aims To Destroy The Country

I mean, when you're anti-First-Amendment, anti-Second-Amendment, pro-"Equality"-Act, and aim to immediately reverse Trump's good work on immigration...you've basically committed to destroying the country. The blue team is not merely mistaken, it's virtually indistinguishable from being malicious. Immigration is a particularly dangerous issue, because if we fuck it up by bringing in too many people, we'll never be able to turn it around. The blue team wants to maximize immigration because they want to import a new electorate that's guaranteed to support them and their crackpot policies...unlike the recalcitrant electorate we have currently. Basically, they want changes to the point of completely rewiring--i.e. destroying--the country. They're clearly the anti-free-speech, anti-freedom, anti-free-market, anti-firearm, anti-Electoral-College, anti-electoral-integrity party now. There'll be nothing left of America if they get their way. We've been blessed with a good demographic mix...and if we f*ck that up, we're f*cked once and for all. And the Democrats are passionately devoted to f*cking it up. 


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