Friday, October 30, 2020

You're Not Comparing Biden To Trump; You're Comparing The Most Favorable Biden The MSM Can Get Away With To The Most Unfavorable Image Of Trump They Can Get Away With

It's absolutely appalling.
If the progressive, prestige, mainstream media had been even vaguely objective for the last four years, this election would be no contest. Instead the frail, possibly criminal Russiagate conspirator and more-or-less puppet of the Orwellian left seems likely to beat the guy who stood up for free speech at universities and against Orwellian indoctrination of government employees, who got the economy roaring, and who has brought a shit-ton of peace to the Middle East. He's got his bad points, you know because they've been blared in your face by the PMSM every day...
   I understand being exhausted by Trump, thinking he's unfit for office, and refusing to vote for him. I absolutely get it. But despite the fact that it's understandable, the progressive MSM is lying to you
   If you don't think of them basically as the journalistic equivalent of Pravda, you've had the wool pulled over your eyes. They're lying to your face. They're lying to your face right now. They're hiding significant evidence of Biden's criminality from you. They've hidden clear evidence of left-wing violence from you. They are bending their entire will toward preventing you from seeing politically incorrect truths. They are no longer interested in informing you; they exist, in fact, to disinform you.


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