Monday, October 26, 2020

Yascha Mounk: "Hate Wokeness? Vote Biden"

Though points for finally noticing the illiberal left...
Until they started noticing it was threatening the Dems' chances, they just told us it didn't exist...
Mounk is right about the two destructive tendencies of the left: focusing too much on the country's failures, and holding that the right is so dangerous that it's permissible to do absolutely anything to oppose them. And, of course, we've all wondered whether a Democratic win might take the wind out of the sails of the Orwellian left.
But no. This is just another ploy to get centrists to go along with the extremists. Trump is actively and intelligently opposing the illiberal left. Biden will simply go along with them--or work to advance their agenda. He's already claimed that the first thing he'll do if elected is to sign the "Equality Act." And, of course, it's already pretty clear that he won't last long--and then the most liberal member of the Senate will be President. And such an election will have had coattails...and then we are right and truly f*cked.
So no: don't try a three-bank shot hoping that by helping Pantyfa & co. they'll become your friends and start hosting Federalist Papers reading groups. 
Just f*cking vote for the guy with a proven record of opposing the goddamn Maoists, willya?


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