Thursday, October 08, 2020

VP Debate: Harris Repeats The "Very Fine People" Hoax; PMSM "Fact"-Checkers Don't Bust Her

I've seen a lot of political chicanery in my life, but I've never before seen a political movement / political party that is basically made of lies.
   It really is nothing but lies from these people. They know they're lying, and lying in the service of character assassination via the playing of the race card. (See e.g. the recent and grotesque Michelle Obama video.) It's a demonstrable lie, and a scurrilous one. To what extent is the American left honestly and blamelessly misinformed by the PMSM? To what extent are they blameworthy on account of willfully continuing to convince themselves than obvious falsehoods are true? There's probably no way to figure out the proportions.
   And Harris's bullshit about a "pattern" of "racism" from Trump...utter bullshit. There is no pattern. In each instance, when you look at the facts, you see that Trump's utterance wasn't racist--or, in a few worst-case instances, wasn't clearly so. In fact, what there's a pattern of is the progressive left accusing everyone who disagrees with them of racism. That's the demonstrable pattern. There is no doubt about it. Or, rather, the only inaccuracy there is that they sometimes accuse people of sexism, homophobia, etc. instead--all mere variations on the general themes of lies, character assassination, and stifling of discussion and the operation of public reason.
   I busted the Gingrichian right for powering their destructive movement via the destruction of the good will that greased the wheels of our politics. The contemporary left is much, much worse. In order to power their (catastrophic, totalitarian) movement for social re-engineering, they've built a conflagration out of false accusations of racism. They're pretending there's more racism than there is--and actually making more--in order to get what they want. And what they want is: a worse, less American America. Of course that's not how they see it--but that's an accurate description of their goal.
   In order to get what they want, they're brainwashing black Americans into believing that all white Americans hate them (though, of course, progressives less than the truly evil conservatives). They're also brainwashing white, progressive Americans into thinking that they're racist--i.e. evil. They really are a despicable lot.


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