Thursday, October 29, 2020

Trumpian Linguistic Incaution / Coarseness vs. Progressive False Accusations Of Racism

Trump's no racist. We shouldn't have to say that. We certainly shouldn't have to say that by now. He does speak inarticulately / sloppily / incautiously very often. He does say things that justifiably raise eyebrows. But everything he's said that the left claims was racist simply wasn't. They repeatedly lie about what he said, spin other things as uncharitably as possible...and for anything that's still interpretable as racist, the appeal to his past record of (non-)racism! Just one more way they lock themselves up in their largely fact-free preconceived worldview. You say "the cat is on the mat." I say "that's racist!" You point to the transcript and point out that it obviously wasn't. Later you say "the dog is on the log." I say "That's racist!" You again point out that it wasn't. I then say "Well, given your past history of racist utterances, I'm justified in interpreting it that way." Lunacy.
   Now...there are legitimate criticisms of Trump in this vicinity. Race is a volatile issue even independently of progressive race hysteria. You can reject progressivism's minefield of irrational jargon and still think that it's an area in which one ought to tread with greater caution than Trump does. One of his great failings is that he simply doesn't seem capable of speaking carefully. The President needs to be above reproach in this respect--and that doesn't mean: satisfying irrational progressive demands. It means: not leaving any doubt in the minds of ordinary people. 
   However: he's not a racist, and he's never said anything racist, and it's mainly progressive lies that have raised doubts about the subject.
   And, of course: progressivism lives by pumping up race hysteria. And by subordinating facts to its dogma. And false accusations of racism are its bread and butter. None of this should be controversial by now.
   So we face a choice between:
(a) A President who speaks incautiously, and sometimes leaves himself open to vaguely plausible accusations of racism.
(b) A political faction that accuses everyone it disagrees with of racism at every turn.
   First: (b) is a much, much greater enemy of truth than is (a). 
   Second, (b) is more destructive than (a). It's not (a) that's caused violent riots to break out across the nation. It's not (a) that's convinced many nonwhites that their nation hates them. It's not (a) that's involved in trying to tear down our entire system of government. 
   The progressive left is lying about Trump, and lying about racism, and lying about Trump being racist. It's radically, religiously devoted to its ideological dogma, and it honestly sees all who oppose it as racist. It also recognizes such accusations as powerful weapons, and, having little regard for truth and believing that it should be subordinate to dogma, it also issues accusations it knows to be false--because they're damn effective.
    As I've said, I think Trump's unfit for the office. Not because he's anything like the left represents him--but for the reasons I've articulated before, including his imprecise manner of speech and inability to control himself on Twitter. But these are desperate times. We're not merely choosing between Trump and Biden. We're choosing between two vastly different political worldviews, and two vastly different governments. Our decision will result in a significant shift redward or blueward. The former is far more sane, centrist, and commonsensical. The latter is speculative, radical and quasi-religious. Furthermore, Trump has extremely significant strengths that the left and the media simply refuse to acknowledge. Finally: the Biden family is apparently up to its eyeballs in influence-peddling...but the vast left-wing conspiracy is so powerful it has actually suppressed this information, showing--finally, conclusively--that we have no journalists anymore in the MSM. They are, indeed, nothing more than propagandists. 
   I've been wrong before--a lot and by a lot. But I don't think I'm wrong this time. Trump is clearly the better choice, given the two we have.


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