Sunday, October 18, 2020

Trump on The Biden "Crime Family"

This is not the sort of thing a president should say without conclusive proof. It's this kind of thing that's going to give us a half-year of Biden and 3.5 years of Kamala Harris...
   OTOH, the left constantly (and, no, I don't mean repeatedly) falsely accuses Trump of racism. And that's worse, in many ways. So we could call it even...if it were anywhere close to even. Both Biden and Harris have repeatedly repeated the "Very Fine People" lie--which is the equivalent of accusing him of racism. Or "white supremacy"...even in its older, normal, meaning. God knows what it means now... And, of course--and as I've repeated said--this has nothing to do with Trump. Accusing everyone who disagrees with them of racism (and similar things) at every turn is the progressive left's modus operandi. And the only reason they're not calling people something worse is that they haven't thought of anything yet. When they do, you can rest assured they'll add that to the list.
   Anyway: progressivism and its multifaceted Pravda have slightly better manners than Trump...but they're way, way crazier. His demeanor is worse--but, in a way, that's better. They're sneakier, crazier, and meaner. Trump's antipresidential demeanor is a big problem. But it's nothing compared to the deep, wide streak of mean and crazy on the other side. Trump's problems are immediately discernible...and when you actually get to understand the guy, you see that he's way less bad than he initially seems. (Unless you're doing business with him, apparently.) The Dems seem fine at first--especially with their saccharine weeping for the downtrodden... But when you get to know them...they turn out to be very, very, very bad. 
   So, we've gotta choose between a President who--via Twitter, for the love of God--accuses his opponent of criminality...or an entire, unhinged, political faction that controls all of our institutions spewing accusations of racism at everyone who opposes them. Non-stop...
   So far as I can tell, Trump's one of the main things standing between us and something akin to the destruction of the country. If I thought Biden would push back harder against the loony left, I'd be voting for him. But he won't. So I'm not.


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