Saturday, October 17, 2020

The Hunter Biden Laptop Story: For Real?

I'm just going on record with my position:
I have no idea.
I think I've already said that I think it's idiotic that this is the story that might make the difference, given that Russiagate / Russiagategate ought to lock the Dems out of the presidency and legislature for a decade...
But, if all the allegations currently on the table are true, that has to be it for Biden. Because that would include not only influence-peddling but kickbacks from it to Biden himself.
I doubt that they're all true--but even if some of them are, it'd probably be the end of the road for Biden in a sane world.
But in this one? 
I'd think this was all pretty unlikely if we handn't already caught the Democrats running a secret coup out of the Oval Office. But we have. So I don't.
Anyway, at some point it's simply going to become impossible for the MSM (aka Progressive Pravda) to stifle all of these stories...isn't it?


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