Thursday, October 08, 2020

Progressivism Masquerading As Experts: NEJM Backs Biden

Nobody knows how well Trump dealt with the Wuhan virus / batflu. We may know more some day, but currently we can only say: looks like, overall, the USA handled the thing about as well as most European nations. 
   But progressives control all our major institutions. And political correctness is a cornerstone of of progressivism. And PC is the view that reason and truth are subordinate to leftist political doctrines. So what happens over and over is that progressives and liberals misuse their expertise by promoting their political views for political reasons...but pretending that they're advancing those views qua experts, on the basis of the nonpolitical evidence and reasoning of the area in which they are experts. And that, of course, its what's happening with the NEJM.
   And its this sort of pseudoexpertise--political preferences masquerading as expertise--that conservatives tend to reject. Not actual expertise.
   Furthermore, we'd have been better off if Trump hadn't allowed medical expertise to override his better judgment--in particular, we'd have been better off if we'd have opened back up at Easter. 
   Of course I could be wrong, but I'll bet I'm not. 


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