Thursday, October 22, 2020

Out Of the Nonstop Stream Of Bullshit About Batflu, Finally Something Of Real Concern

Very weird.
Berenson is great on this stuff, and I've been checking in to keep updated on the Danish mask study--which is allegedly the best thing we've got. But can't get published.
Which means: it found that masks don't work (or make things worse).
Anyway, bigger news is the below. I don't believe it, but its huge if true: a permanent (???) loss of IQ. Holy crap! Very strange that he dismisses that as "tiny," since even mild cases seem to have (allegedly) produced losses. Severe cases allegedly produced -8.5 IQ? =? 10 years of aging?:

Probably just more hysteria. Just one study. We've heard almost every crazy claim about this stuff. But scary. 


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