Tuesday, October 13, 2020

More Bad Polling News

Not good.
   I'm usually pretty pessimistic about such things. That is, I'm more inclined to fret about possible failure than to be subject to irrational optimism. 
   But, honestly, I find it very difficult to believe that Biden is up ten points on Trump. 
   In fact, I find it difficult to believe that he'll win.
   The Dems have become so extreme, unhinged and irrational that I just can't believe that most Americans will vote for them. One would think that their support of riots in the streets would tear it. But maybe not. Trump's rallies are massive and raucous...he himself is the picture of health and vigor. Biden looks like he's ready to keel over at any second, and seems to be speaking to groups of a dozen. If Biden did win, it would really be Harris--the leftmost member of the Senate--winning. 
   And, yet...the polls do look bad.
   I have no doubt that there are shy Trump voters. How could there not be under the prevailing, lunatic conditions? Needless to say, I hope there are enough of them.


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