Thursday, October 15, 2020

Media Anti-Trump / Pro-Dem Propaganda Efforts Peg The Needle

   I almost thought I couldn't be surprised anymore. Twitter banned people yesterday for even mentioning the Hunter Biden story at the N.T. suddenly decided that it had a policy against allowing people to post...uh...links to stories with unverified information? Like...every single bit of Russiagate which they never complained about in any way. Then they claimed to have a policy against posting information that the person the information was about had not agreed to release...which policy obviously wasn't in play when Trump's alleged tax information was released... Then there was something about illegally-acquired information...but the Biden information was legally obtained...
   Apparently none of the major networks covered the story. In addition to major networks, I checked CNN... Not only did it not cover the story, but front page was like a parody of TDS hysteria. I've honestly never seen anything like it. The NYT was similarly awful but in its own inimitable faux-refined way. I think the WaPo had an actual news story prominently referenced amidst the propaganda. Neither of them mentioned the Biden story, either, when I looked. 
   I think I read that Facebook had also tried to ban the story.
   I was breathtaking, actually. I suppose the full weight of the Pravdafication of American news media hadn't hit me before. I thought it had...but it hadn't. 
   Of course compared with the media's collusion with the deep state (or whatever we should be calling it) to produce the Russiagate hoax...and its suppression of information about Russiagategate...well, outrageous as this is, it's really nothing by comparison. And once you've got to the point of rewriting the dictionary on they fly...hell...
   One of most laughable stories I ran across last night--maybe in the NYT?--was about people fearing right-wing violence over the election. I mean...the same sources that spent all summer downplaying massive, violet left-wing riots across the country are still pretending that the not-exactly-a-plot by some Trump-hating anarchists (and also, apparently, some pro-Trump guys as well...but it isn't clear) against Whitmer is a portent of right-wing violence to come...  Look, it's good to keep an eye on extremists...and some lone wolf or other on the right blows every now and then. But it's just nuts to pretend--in the midst of leftist insanity and, well, terrorism--that the right is even a problem worth mentioning right now.
   Well, anyway.


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