Sunday, October 25, 2020

Many Expect Post-Election Violence; I'm One Of Them

I mean...the left's anti-Trump mob violence began before he was even elected. The BLM/antifa mob violence lasted through Spring and Summer, and abated only when it started to hurt Biden in the polls. There's simply no doubt that it'll start up again if Biden loses--they're already planning it right out in the open. And they've been attempting coups for four'd have to be a fool to think they'll stop now--especially if they think they can make a difference in keeping Trump out of the White House... 
   Just open your eyes and ears. Look and listen to what they've been doing and what they say they're going to do next. 
   The cult is unhinged. It has no respect for American values like free speech or free elections. You have to be (willfully?) blind and deaf to think otherwise. 
   And, of course, the crackpot mass vote-by-mail scheme is either specifically designed to sow confusion and chaos...or it might as well have been.
   Trump's contributed his own share of uncertainty. That's not good. But, as usual, his contribution pales in comparison to that of the other side.


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