Sunday, October 25, 2020

How Can The MSM Get Away With This?

They've blocked more NY Post stories on the Bidens' influence peddling. Are progressives really so brainwashed that they don't smell a rat?  In other news: Biden called another "lid" today. One hypothesis is that the campaign thinks that hiding out / hunkering down / hoping for the best is their best strategy. The more obvious hypothesis is: Biden is sicker / more Alzheimeric than he seems, and can only be trusted out in public about 2/3 of the time.
   Trump rallies with thousands of people in the spillover continue, while even Obama gets fewer than 50 people "out on the hustings" as we say. Of course progressives are much more afraid of the batflu than conservatives...but still...
   I just don't believe that Biden is ten points up.


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