Saturday, October 10, 2020

Harris-Biden Won't Admit They're Going To Pack The Court: Republicans Pounce!

First: well, y'know, Republicans pounce.
Second: I've just been assuming that everyone realizes that their answer is yes. Otherwise they'd admit it's no, and put everyone's mind at ease.
Hmm... no, wait.
Their cageyness might be a ploy to keep their crazy left wing on board... Which...would be way, way, way better.
But: there's no way anyone should even consider letting them get away with this. This is, like, a zillion times more important than Trump's refusal to release his tax returns...and the press lost its god. damned. mind. about that. 
This is like us asking: do you plan to wreck the American system of government by doing shenanigans with one of the three branches of government, and them saying "we refuse to say because we might get criticized." 
No, fuck you. That should be dispositive.


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