Thursday, October 22, 2020

Do Progressives Not Know That The MSM Is Lying To Them, Or Do They Not Care?

Honestly, even if I were still on the blue team, I'd blow my stack if I knew the MSM were doing what it's doing. Granted, I have a lot less political-tribal allegiance than a lot of people of my ilk...but...that much less?
   I think I personally know only one other academician (actually: former) who used to be blue-team but has been so repulsed by recent events she's gone Trumpy. One! I mean...I understand how repellant Trump can be. But, even given that, if people were deciding on rational grounds, we'd expect to see a mass defection from the blue team. There are extremely good reasons for a liberal (an actual liberal--where I don't mean that in some No-True-Scotsman-y sense) to support Trump over Harris-Biden. The fact that there doesn't seem to be any such defection indicates--I think--that the decision is being made on particularly non-rational grounds. Of course there's a ton of nonrationality and subjectivity in such decisions under most conditions. So I suppose it's no big surprise.
   Complicating factor: the blue team has become so unhinged that there is a high price to pay for admitting you're supporting Trump. So there may be more "shy" academic Trumpians than we think. In fact...there almost have to be.
   Still...the very fact that there's psychotic pressure from the left against voting for'd think that itself would generate some defection from the blue team... Except that academicians aren't particularly independent or brave, so far as I can tell. Far from both, it actually seems...


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