Thursday, October 29, 2020

"Difficult Conversations" About Race

When progressives say that we have to have "difficult" or "uncomfortable" conversations about race, what they mean is: they want to have a conversation in which they say a bunch of false and insulting things about conservatives and white people.
   They don't want to have true conversations--conversations in which we state uncomfortable truths... Those truths basically cannot be spoken. Progressives are eager to have false conversations in which they state a bunch of falsehoods and insult us while pretending that they're regretfully speaking unhappy truths...
   But if our only two options are (a) watch the country go into a flaming leftist tailspin or (b) speak those actual truths we'd rather not have to see what we've got to do.
   The difference is that progressives are eager to speak the insulting falsehoods. But we'd really rather not have to speak the genuinely uncomfortable genuine truths...


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