Thursday, October 29, 2020

Are Masks A Distraction From COVID Realities?

I wear a bandana over my face if I go in somewhere that asks me to, or if there's fair human density inside someplace. I upped my mask-use at the suggestion that the kung flu might cause cognitive impairment...I've got no smarts to spare, and I expect other people feel the same way. About theirs I mean. Though probably mine, too.
   To repeat myself: part of what's going on there is that progressives try to control every aspect of our lives. They're constantly shrieking about something we ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO DO (recycle, not smoke, vote Democrat, global warming, "anti-"racism, blah blah blah), and we've been bombarded with bullshit pseudoexpertise and spastic demands since the beginning of this thing. Oh and: black lives matter! And none of the draconian batflu restrictions apply to Black Lives Matter stuff! Including the mostly peaceful social justice riots for peace and justice! 
   Anyway: we're all sick of the progressive pseudoscientific bullshit...and masks are likely to be just more of that. Better safe than sorry is often a reasonable policy...but we've gotten to a point such that it's a matter of freedom and autonomy. At some point, you just have to say stop fucking telling me what to do. I'm currently more concerned about the docility of Americans than I am about batflu. This has become a matter of principle...and it's not our fault that that happened. 


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