Saturday, September 05, 2020

Your Blue Future: BLM/Pantyfa Rioters Now Climbing On People's Houses, Breaking Into Apartment Buildings

Every week they escalate.

They're simultaneously exploring the tolerance of the people and the government, and building it up. Two weeks ago, the began going to residential neighborhoods and demanding that people give them their houses. Now their climbing up onto houses. Eventually they'll start breaking in, but insist it's "nonviolent." After all, it's just property--property to which you have no right. Then they'll start "escorting" people--nonviolently, of course--out of their own homes.

They're also building up their own tolerance for violence. As we've seen, many of them are already willing to threaten, attack, and beat senseless those who refuse to comply with their "orders"--e.g. those who refuse to say what they're told to say--e.g. "black lives matter." Some have shown that they're willing to kill in cold blood. There's little reason to think that they'll stop anywhere on this trajectory before its obvious endpoint. 

They also know that they're extremely unlikely to be prosecuted, whereas any retaliation against them is almost certain to produce legal consequences.

Biden's tepid criticisms shouldn't fool anyone. The Democrats have been taken over by the unhinged left. A vote for Biden is a vote for a sick, declining front man for a middlebrow intelligentsia that only half-opposes anarcho-communist mob violence--at best. Biden in his prime might have actually stood up to the crazy faction of Dems. But there's just not enough of him left now.


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