Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Your Blue Future: BLM Rioters Attack Rochester Diners; Restaurants Side With Rioters

"We will always side with Herr Hitler and his Brown Shirts and all those who seek to fulfill the destiny of der Volk."
   Is it just me, or are the super-peaceful social justice riots for peace and justice getting pretty routinely violent? 
   The progressive left and its media are still insisting that they're "mostly peaceful," because they think you'll go along with it. Because they're betting on you being so afraidn of being called a racist that you'd much rather have a mob swarm you and your family while your out eating...throw your food and drink on the ground, smash your plates in front of you, and make it very clear that if you don't run away, you'll be physically attacked by the mob.
   Of course they're a bunch of  ****ies, and would not be half so aggressive if numbers were equal...but they always make sure the numbers aren't equal. And both sides know that the BLM thugs are protected by the law in blue jurisdictions...
   And: imagine a right-wing mob doing 1/10th this much, and the media defending it as "non-violent" or "mostly peaceful." And imagine the restaurants then professing their support for the wingnuts...
   The Unite the Right gang was way, way less violent than this bunch. Even the tiki-torch Nazi march was less violent than these riots. And on the day of UtR, they were just trying to get to the park, demonstrate, and leave--but Charlottesville set them up to be attacked, and funneled them through the left-wing mob. Without the left-wing mob attack, there's no attack by Fields. The unconstitutional violence by the left-wing mob at Charlottesville--clearly visible in all the footage--is simply ignored. The wingnuts trying to engage in legal assembly--and one nutjob driving into a crowd--are still spoken of in hushed terms three years later. The BLM/Antifa riots have been much more extensive, much more violent, and very, very illegal...the media is still insisting that war is peace on their behalf...
   There is no possible world in which the MSM watches footage of wingnuts mobbing a restaurant and smashing people's meals right in front of them and calls them "mostly peaceful." Which is good...because it's fucking insane... But here we are, watching the same thing happening with the polarity reversed, while our "news" media...our "journalists" sit there telling us that what we're seeing is peaceful.
   If you're not outraged by every bit of this, I have no idea what to say to you. We don't even have any reason to believe that the cops in question acted wrongly. The man that died was losing it, and was spitting at them--during the time of a pandemic that the left assures us is a modern bubonic plague. The cops deployed something called a "spit hood"...which I take to be made specifically as a solution to this problem. And I assume its use is sanctioned by the Rochester police department. I haven't read a single expert saying that they did anything wrong.
   But the message of BLM, Pantyfa, progressives, Democrats and all our cultural betters seems to be: no matter what, if a black man dies in a conflict with the police or whites, then you'd better get ready for some mob violence. 
   And still I see people all around me supporting this shit. Again: mostly, it seems, because they'd rather face mob violence, anarchy, and the destruction of the nation than risk being called racist.


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