Sunday, September 27, 2020

Worse Than Watergate, Russiagategate Is Still Being Suppressed And Derided By The PMSM

   Biden shouldn't even be in the running for President given what we already know about Russiagategate. Durham seems to be sticking to a resolutely apolitical timeline. The MSM--perhaps the most destructive force in American politics in my lifetime--keeps an iron grip on the progressive "narrative." 
Basically Democrats in the Clinton campaign, the FBI and intelligence services colluded with the Russians by taking their intelligence, hiring someone to spin it up into a fact-free "dossier," then setting up a back-and-forth with the media in which each took the fact-free pronouncements of the other and used them as "evidence." The result was a 4-year-long soft coup attempt--and attempt to oust a democratically-elected President...all the while accusing him of doing exactly what they had done--anti-democratic, anti-American collusion. 
   And yet the MSM's dishonesty and grip on the web of blue fictions that is their world-free worldview keeps many over there oblivious...and many still convinced of the opposite of the truth--that Trump is the colluder. (One of the MSM's greatest allies is blue hubris--even after the utter freak out of the past 5-or-so years, the blues still see themselves as the party of science, reason and facts... And that sort of mass infallibilist's like an impenetrable epistemic forcefield.)
   And, of course, our best available evidence indicates that Biden played a significant role in this. 
   In fact, even if he were to somehow remain fit for office for a year--let's face it, an impossibility given what we've already seen--he'd likely end up resigning over Russiagategate. If the truth even comes out under a Democratic administration. Something I very much doubt.
   I'll say right now that I wish the Pubs would break the rules and spill everything Durham has discovered--even if it blows some convictions. I can't believe that the American electorate is so far gone as to know the relevant facts and still vote blue.
   Forget all the other issues--and, IMO, the preponderance of them favor Trump. (Crazy world, eh?)
   Russiagate / Russiagategate alone absolutely rule out a vote for the Dems for President--let alone a vote for Biden. 
   The grip of MSM-bolstered delusions on the blue team has become absolutely horrifying. It's destructive as hell when turned against the party-mostly-in-power. Now imagine that massive fact-denying and brainwashing power turned in favor of the party in power... Add to this that said party has lost its god. damned mind and has put radical-left lunatics in charge of its agenda... There simply aren't many non-catastrophic paths through that imagined four years.


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