Tuesday, September 08, 2020

What If The Riots Were Right-Wing Riots In Red States/Cities?

This is not a difficult game:
   Do you want to play a game?
   It's politics with a twist. That game of "what if?" you played as a kid:
   So, what if, rather than liberal Democratic mayors in Democratic towns being overwhelmed by violence, things were reversed?
   What if these were Republican mayors, in red states, overwhelmed by violent protests from the right wing, confronted by people in MAGA hats or those middle-aged anti-tax tea party activists who always seemed to clean up after themselves when they protested?
   What if they were the ones rioting, burning and looting during their "mostly peaceful" protests, with bail money for the arrested provided by the staff of a Republican presidential candidate, and media making it clear there was great political value in the violence?
   And what if those Republican activists confronted fellow citizens in restaurants, shouting at them, demanding they demonstrate fealty to their politics by raising a fist?
   What if Republican mayors, rather than restore order in their ruined cities and towns, just hid in publicly subsidized fortresses, or bunkered behind police walls while the rest of you were left on your own, and then those mayors just ran off?
   What if, then?
   Would the media -- and I don't mean just the Democratic Corporate Media Complex along the Washington Beltway but also conservative journals such as National Review and The Federalist -- give the Republican candidate a pass?


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