Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Trump Blocks Critical Race Theory "Training" In Gov't

   This is an extremely important move.
   As I've said, IMO this alone might warrant re-electing him.
   It's not exactly CRT that's the problem, though. The problem is that, at least since the PC/pomo fads of the '80s, the academic/activist left has developed a bunch of kooky theories of race and "gender." These include components with roots in postmodernism, Marxism, critical theory, feminism, social constructionism, and some other stuff. They're not crazy nor wrong about everything...but nearly so. And a lot of it's just batshit. You could remove the CRT parts and still have a lot of crazy in there.
   And: the left thinks it's right about everything, and, in its echo-chamber, often doesn't even realize that others disagree, nor that their own view is idiosyncratic. To they extent that they're aware of other views, they see them as antiquated and to be overcome.
   So: the first problem: the left's views of these matters tend to be nutty.
   The second problem is that these sessions are represented as "training." That means: indoctrination. These nutty views are imparted as if they were known--or even could be known. 
   What ought to be discussion at most is packaged as training--ergo it's brainwashing.
   "Training" in leftist race theory (which, again, is broader than just CRT) is like training in Christianity or Scientology, or reliabilism or utilitarianism. These aren't things that normal people get trained in--at most, they're things to be informed about and discussed.
   Discussions about theories about race and discrimination ought to include discussions of leftist theories on race and discrimination..but not be built around them. 
   Two more things: 
First, CRT is basically a kind of social-studies-y philosophy. It's not something known to be true, it's often unfalsifiable...and where falsifiable, falsified...
Second, some CT proponents (e.g. Marcuse) think it's not philosophy at all, but a type of social science (often: economics). Central to such philosophical views is the idea that they're not philosophy at all, but (social) science. That's a kind of standard Marxist conceit. 
   Anyway: Trump's ostentatiously right again. And much, much righter than the entire progressive left. 
   Not bad for a dummy.
   Trump gets a lot right just by reacting as any normal, sane, reasonably smart person ought to react to the insanity sweeping through the left--and that often involves: not allowing himself to be cowed by the left shrieking "RACIST!" at him.


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