Monday, September 07, 2020

Top Aid To Kelly Denies Atlantic's Aisne-Marne Hoax

This is just another blatant anti-Trump lie by the progressive MSM.

This is now they operate. It's been a steady stream of bullshit since mid-'16.

And, for the hundredth time: there are plenty of legitimate angles from which to criticize Trump. Criticize the real Trump, not the straw Trump of your fevered imaginings. The fact that they--mostly--eschew honest criticism for fact-free character-assassination tells you a lot about them. And that doesn't go just for Trump--that goes for anyone who disagrees with them. That is, of course, what their groundless, near-constant accusations of racism are: acts of character assassination. 

They can crank up another hoax whenever they want, and the usual lying media hacks will hop right on board. This is just one of the reasons the left is now far more dangerous than the right.


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