Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Progressive Left and BLM et al. Are Inciting Violence Against The Police; They're Partially Responsible For LA Assassination Attempt

If you brainwash people to believe false premises that strongly/clearly support the conclusion that you should kill members of a group, then you are partially responsible if they believe you and draw the obvious conclusion.
   BLM, progressives, and the academic/activist left are inciting violence against police, the government, and whites. The violence is being perpetrated before our eyes. If anyone were doing something analogous that incited violence against groups favored by the left, it's all the MSM would be talking about--and rightly so.
   I made this same argument against elements of the right that were irresponsibly pushing such premises against Barack Obama--e.g. claiming that he was intentionally aiming to destroy the country.
   But, irresponsible as those conservatives were, they didn't actually bring about any violence, whereas the left has managed to bring about an enormous amount of it, including dozens of murders and over 500 violent riots producing tens of millions of dollars of property damage. 
   Grenell is right: the attempted murder of these police officers is on the progressive left, including the MSM:


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