Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The Left Is Taking Over The Country Entirely On The Basis Of Lies About Racism

It's really all they're using. They're lying about racism among police, they're lying about statistic about police killing blacks, they're lying about Trump being a racist...on the basis of lying--repeatedly and provably--about what he has said. They're lying about universities and sports and businesses and everything in the USA being racist..."systemically," of it's undetectable, unprovable.
   This is how the crazy left is winning, and Biden--now a member of the crazy left--is happily using their tactics. 
   And, again: they're not really going after Trump. They're coming after you. Trump is just in the way. And if you think anybody else is going to stand up for you and against them, you're fooling yourself. 
   A vote for Biden and Harris is a vote for a country in which the insane, extremist left gets everything they want merely by shrieking "racism!" 
   You cannot rationally vote for that country.


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