Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Dems Wargame Post-Election Conflict; Wherein There Is Significant Ratfuckery

The crazening of the Dems worries me more almost every day. I guess it's good news that this organization won't engage in "mass mobilization" if Trump wins the EC but not the popular vote...since, y'know, that's what it means to win the election... So at least that organization isn't planning on refusing to accept the result if they don't like it. But the rest of this article doesn't inspire confidence:
   While the sheer number of groups and volunteers involved in the effort has given organizers hope, there is some fear that they may not all be operating from the same playbook. Two sources involved with the FBT discussions said they worry Biden would concede a contested election too early, with an eye toward ensuring a peaceful transition of power. Inside the coalition, there is dispute over whether Biden should even concede if he wins the popular vote but loses the Electoral College, à la Clinton in 2016 and Gore in 2000
   Under that scenario, Eldridge said, his organization would not support mass mobilization. “I support the national popular vote,” he explained. “Our organization does advocacy for the popular vote... Unfortunately, the Electoral College is the system that we have.”
   But the Transition Integrity Project noted that there would be immense pressure on Biden to fight it out if, for the third time in 20 years, the Democratic candidate won the popular vote but didn’t take office. In a simulation they ran, Team Biden “encouraged Western states, particularly California but also Oregon and Washington, and collectively known as ‘Cascadia,’ to secede from the Union” unless structural reforms were made. In exchange for Trump getting the presidency, for instance, Republicans would need to agree to abolish the Electoral College, give Puerto Rico and D.C. statehood, and divide California into five states for better Senate representation.
   A top official participating in the FBT discussions said the possibility of an Electoral College-popular vote split did come up and that there were mixed opinions over what to do.
   “It’s the hardest scenario,” the source said. “It’s 2016. But it’s that plus all Trump has done on voter suppression. So I think there is a question but I think both sides are going to fight this till the very end.”
   And what, we asked, was the very end?
   “I don’t know,” the official replied.

Trump is probably ready to fight a murky result...and he should be. Especially given that the Dems seem to be going all-in on the dirty tricks. They're letting their Blackshirts threaten, intimidate, attack and even kill people suspected of being Trump supporters. The vote-by-mail scheme is just off the scale nuts. Their MSM propaganda wing is spewing an even higher volume of lies than is normal. They're talking about refusing to abide by the Constitution's Electoral College system. I'm sure they'll try to convince some electors to be faithless. And, of course: they've basically been doing stuff approximately as dastardly for four years now...

   Gore handled the election debacle of 2000 admirably. The Pubs did not. I don't expect either side to rise anywhere near Gorean levels this time around. But I hope to avoid a catastrophe. 


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